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Dürrnberg “Salt Mines” Tour and “Eagles Nest” from Salzburg

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Dürrnberg-Salt-Mines-lake Dürrnberg-Salt-Mines-lake

Dürrnberg Salt mine

Dürrnberg-Salt_Mines-Slides Dürrnberg-Salt_Mines-Slides.

Dürrnberg Salt Mine Slide

Dürrnberg-Salt-Mines Dürrnberg-Salt-Mines

Dürrnberg Salt Mine Lake

Dürrnberg-Salt-Mines-Ship Dürrnberg-Salt-Mines-Ship

Dürrnberg Salt Mine Ship

Eagles-Nest Eagles-Nest

Eagles Nest

Eagles-Nest-Lift Eagles-Nest-Lift

Eagles Nest Lift

Eagles-Nest-Tunnel Eagles-Nest-Tunnel

Eagles Nest Tunnel

Eagles-Nest-Tunnel-Entrance Eagles-Nest-Tunnel-Entrance

Eagles Nest Entrance

Inside-Salt-Mines Inside-Salt-Mines

Dürrnberg Salt Mine Colour Show

Salt-Mines-Wooden-Slides Salt-Mines-Wooden-Slides

Salt Mine Wooden Slides

Top-Of-Eagles-Nest Top-Of-Eagles-Nest

Views From Eagles Nest

View-from-EaglesNest View-from-EaglesNest

Eagles Nest View



This Small Group Minivan Tour you will visit Bad Dürrnberg salt mine, The Eagles Nest and some Bavarian villages in the Berchtesgaden region. This tour first takes you to one of the world’s oldest salt mines at Bad Dürrnberg in the foothills of the Alps just south from Salzburg. The “white gold” salt mine provided almost limitless richness for the rulers of Salzburg giving us the present day baroque magnificence of Salzburg City.


  • Free pickup Salzburg City/Hotel
  • Drop off near Mirabel garden
  • Friendly and knowledgeable chauffeur guide
  • Tour flexibility up on your request


  • Food and drinks
  • Entrance fees where applicable
  • Tips for guide (Recommended)


  • Mysteries of a world far inside the salt mine mountain. A salt mine guide will explain the history as well as telling the tales from the folklore. A highlight will be the raft trip across the subterranean salt lake. Interesting, educational and fun, in this way you will discover the history of the “white gold” hidden for millions of years. You can also travel back in time through the ages making a short visit to a“Celtic Village” beside the salt mine.
  • The second part of the tour we cross over the German border on the way to the Eagles Nest sopping up the scenery of the Bavarian Alps. The Eagles Nest is situated at 1834 meters high above the Bavarian town Berchtesgaden. Commissioned by National Socialist (Nazi) party senior leader Martin Bormann, it was used by senior Nazis for relaxation and for Hitler to bring foreign dignitaries and diplomats to impress them with the spectacular views, an integral tool for the Third Reich. In good weather conditions, you will have breathtaking panoramic views from the Eagles Nest. The highlights are visiting the main presentation room, Eva Braun’s Tea room, the archive photograph gallery and maybe the short walk up the hill to the cross with its carved Edelweiss.
  • After the Eagles Nest we make short visit to the Bavarian traditional town “Berchtesgaden” .
  • Then we return to Salzburg and you will be dropped off near Mirabel Gardens.


Tour schedule & availability

01st May to 24th October
Tour Start09:00 am
Duration08 hours

Important Info

  1. Please be prepared there 30 min. prior to tour start (morning tour at 08:30 and for afternoon tour 13:30) for pick-up. You either can be the 1st ones to be picked up or within a certain time-frame depending on the pick-up round and traffic.
  2.  Additional hours on request, when possible each extra hour cost Euro 90/-.
  3.  Some of tours need to cross over the country border, in case of border control we recommend you to carry passport.
  4. Please inform us in case you want to take baby with you, we will try to arrange a suitable baby seat.

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Dürrnberg “Salt Mines” Tour and “Eagles Nest” from Salzburg

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