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“Unlimited” just the word itself has a deep meaning. An opportunity to discover the fascination of diverse European nations differently, with adventure, at your leisure and with Freedom of Travel.

Through thousands of years of history with awe­inspiring landscape combining lakes, mountains and crystal clear rivers of this beautiful green continent shines through to win your heart, each place and its dreams.

This chauffeur guided exclusive small group private tour (maximum of 8 travellers in a luxury minivan) is a complete Freedom of Travel adventure. It is not only the White Water Rafting, Paragliding, Cycling, Skiing or other adrenaline pumping activity as requested, but the journey as a whole with its lifelong memories.

The highlight and real adventure of this tour is the no pre­booking of hotels and no fixed itineraries, just the rough idea of the countries to visit and the cities and sights of interest and that’s it! The rest is to discover.

SOUNDS VERY CRAZY ? But it’s not!

You may have the experience with fixed Itineraries, booked hotels and prearranged activities. You are not travelling into a desert or jungle of our planet, this is the modernity well organised and safe continent of Europe.

While on the road, you may find your dream location where your group would like to spend more time in a place, or could we stay the night right here? Yes, we can make it happen. From our experience there is a good chance of finding accommodation, perhaps scenic, historic or romantic and at times for very good prices. Even a farmhouse offers traditionally decorated rooms, cosy and clean for reasonable prices. It is not always best to stay at big hotels in the crowded city centres with high noise levels and a lack of fresh air and atmosphere.

This is really an adventure to embark on, not knowing quite how it will turn out. You may spend a little money to get lot of fun and satisfaction, to enjoy a good return on your investment!


Of course your Chauffeur Guide, with the support of our Back Office, will take care of your entire trip, and rest assured, we have our company’s good reputation to think about. We only would like to give you the feeling that this trip is the best you ever had.

There are no age restrictions, it is for any age group of travellers. This tour we would recommend for you between mid March and the end of May, and mid September until the end of November in order to avoid the tourist crowds of the high season, as well as the chance to see the change of seasons.

Still snow in the hills but already flowers blooming in the valleys, or the leaves on the trees turning gold and red as nature prepares for the chill of winter and the hills already white with snow. The activities, scenery and nature can combine to give you an incredible memorable tour.

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